Service Strategy
1. We will use our professional knowledge to interpret the customer's concept according to the requirements of the design draft, process and surface accessories provided by the customer, and then we will provide our professional knowledge on the customer's product for the customer's reference, for the customer Create a perfect product with the best results and the lowest price. If customers need design services, we also have designers who can give customers advice.
2. If the customer confirms the quantity and ratio of good samples and bulk goods, after the two parties negotiate the delivery date and sign the contract, the customer needs to pay 30%---50% (depending on the process and then negotiated by both parties) as a deposit, and we will It is possible to plan and arrange the production of large goods.
3. Charges for sample processing: If the sample opening involves mold opening, car decoration, or additional costs due to the failure to meet the minimum order quantity, the actual cost will be borne by the customer. Other fees for sample completion (such as surface accessories, patterns, sewing, etc.) will be paid at three times the price quoted for large quantities. If the quantity of large quantities reaches 1,000 pieces/set or more, the sample fee will be refunded.

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