Shantou Butvay Fashion Co., Ltd.

Publish Time: 2023-07-04
1. High-quality service
Shantou Butvay team members have many years of professional background in the industry. They have profound professional technical knowledge and management capabilities in the clothing supply chain, are optimistic and energetic, and have many years of experience in brand development and production, so that Shantou Butvay can help brands improve during the growth period. Product quality, reducing marginal costs, avoiding risks, reducing customer complaints, and improving the competitiveness of Jingpai; in the development period of Jingpai. It can help them reduce production costs, improve development efficiency, and provide stable and controllable quality assurance. Improve customer trust; in the brand stable period, you can cooperate with the brand on professional products to occupy the commanding heights of technology and increase the brand premium.
2. The development and production capacity of multi-category clothing
Through continuous integration of high-quality supply chain resources. It can provide production and development of product categories, covering almost all categories of women's clothing. In terms of fabric resources, auxiliary material resources, production technology and technology, mass production quality control process, new product research and development, and employee quality, Shantou Butvay has advantages that cannot be compared with single-category factories: Shantou Butvay understands customer needs better and communicates more efficiently. Higher, faster development and more diverse production methods. MOQ is more flexible. Higher technical content!
Under the market development trend of continuous market segmentation in the future. The service level of the enterprise is particularly important. We have reasons to believe that in the future, Butvay will serve more small and medium crystal brands or independent designers, providing them with efficient, professional and flexible supply and production services, so that they can cooperate with Dajing Brands and even first-line brands have the ability to compete directly!
3. High-quality material matching
In order to meet the needs of different crystal cards. Shantou Butvay has cooperated with high-quality noodles and accessories suppliers widely recognized by the market for many years. We have a self-sufficient supply chain system with strong options, flexible MOQ and stable quality. Without a strong supplier system, it is impossible to develop the right products and make good quality.
4. Stable quality and delivery time
Complete process, excellent production flow, stable skilled lathe workers, sophisticated machinery and equipment, standardized incoming inspection process. Customer complaint CAP analysis and continuous training system are the key to Shantou Baihui's quality assurance!
For material MRP management and production planning arrangement, Shantou Butvay has been incorporated into the internal ERP system, and the production capacity status and plans of workshops and supply chains have been integrated into integrated management, effectively improving Shantou Butvay's on-time delivery rate!
If the stability of quality and delivery time is the key factor at the core of the supply chain. Shantou Butvay's vision of creating user value is the driving force for Butvay to continuously improve product quality and develop new processes!

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